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Agatiam Charitable Trust was a conceptual idea back to year 2002, when a spark arised to an iSPARK ians to align with the goals of agatiam - Agathiyar in Thamizh means one who is focussed inward those who are connected with agatiam are one who allow oneself to see or experience something from someone else's point of view.

Put yourself in someone else's place, and see how it feels.

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To see a society with humanism as its love, which will be free from social, educational, caste, religious, linguistic, and economic inequalities and exploitation of all sorts and in which environment, health, women and children’s welfare will be preserved.


Being an organization for marginalized citizen, to work for their uplift, self-reliance, capacitating and empowerment, socially, economically, politically and to sustain such uplift in order that the poor can have their rightful place in the society and thus establish a JUST SOCIETY.

ACTIVITIES of agatiam

10 days iSPARK Knowledge Hunt - National Summer Internship Programme 2018. Register here

Summer Camp will teach kids to be independent, making decisions, gaining livings and social skills, being active and having fun too for childrens.Contact: 9597185893

Apprenticeship opportunity for Degree / Diploma / ITI candidates and also for Son or daughter of TNEB Employees. For availing it, fill the form online at Apply here

For more assistance regarding any job opportunities, contact us at


Cluster level federations

All these great things are made possible by a completely different type of networking: human networking. ­And not the kind that has given "networking" a bad name -- that superficial, insincere, manipulative stuff that we all can smell a mile away. No, I'm talking about the true art of networking, based upon respectful and caring relationships that promote mutual success.

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Network enrollment

Although it is easy to build a network, the real challenge is maintaining and leveraging the connections, agatiam will do purposeful mindset, users invest time to improve themselves and their future. These networks are used to maintain professional identity, make useful contacts, search for opportunities and stay in touch.

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